January 2019

After 43 years of service, Erika Müller takes her well-deserved retirement.

With the retirement of Erika Müller, born 17.11.1952, an authoritative era at CDS Hackner GmbH comes to an end.

Shortly after the founding of the company on 19.09.1972, Erika Müller was hired on 01.01.1975 as an office assistant for the management. The company had 12 employees at the time.

Since the work in the office was already done after 2-3 hours, she went into production every day to help wherever she was needed.

Selection and grading, measurement and salting as well as the packaging of natural casings thus became her daily additional business. She got to know the CDS from scratch and very quickly helped shape the destiny of the company as the mainstay of Hanspeter Hackner.

As an authorized representative, she took over the commercial management of the CDS in the 1990s and headed the frozen food business.

With the entry of junior Michael Hackner in 1997, a unique trio has emerged, which CDS has developed over the past 21 years into a globally operating company with a turnover of well over 100 million Euros, in the business units natural casings, special meat cuts and offal and freezing services.

Erika Müller convinces with a tremendous intelligence and a fabulous memory.Heropen and binding nature has made her equally popular with customers, suppliers and employees.

We wish our Erika best health for your retirement and the time and leisure to do things she never had time for.

Erika - we will miss you very much!

October 2017

Summary of ANUGA 2017 Fantastic feedback for CDS Hackner

More than 7,400 companies from 107 countries were showcased at this year’s ANUGA – a new exhibitor record! And around 165,000 professional visitors came from 198 countries to see the innovations and latest trends offered by these different companies. The innovation leader in natural casings also noticed an influx of visitors at its booth.

For CDS Hackner, contact with existing and potential customers is like the oil in the company’s gearbox. And not just on a daily basis, but also on the big international stage of ANUGA. Not just because the most important trade fair in the global food world attracts high-profile, international professionals, but also because the leading manufacturer of natural casings was excited to see the visitors’ reactions to its latest innovation.

The two managing directors Hanspeter und Michael Hackner and their trade fair team brought a world’s first for sausage production to the event with them. The safety ring, which up to now has held the natural casing in place on the CDS SilberPfeil® pipe until processing, has been replaced by a revolutionary, patented technology: now there is only one part, no longer the pipe plus safety rings. The pipe and end stopper are therefore now one. “Bend-back pipe” is the name of this new technique and it has a number of advantages: it makes sausage production with natural casings easier because there is only one part instead of three. This in turn makes it safer because there is no safety ring that can fall into the sausage meat and therefore no need for checks with metal detectors. Production also becomes more economic because less waste is produced, and also more efficient as 30 metres of casing can be filled in one go.

The fact that the professional visitors were deeply impressed by this revolution certainly also has a lot to do with the explanatory demo film that the Hackners brought with them. It showed the amazed visitors how much easier and more efficient sausage production has become, all thanks to the almost magical “bend-back trick”, which was also the title of the film. The “bend-back pipe” was the hot topic on all days of the fair.

And of course there was also plenty to talk about regarding another core segment of CDS Hackner: special meat cuts & offal. There was a great response to the products presented by the Hackners. After the trade fair, customers and industry colleagues confirmed that they were very impressed at how CDS Hackner was presented at ANUGA and at how throughout their company history they have always made it their mission to raise natural casings and special meat cuts & offal to a higher level – very pleasing post-fair feedback that was gratefully received.

And with all this talk of food, a special ANUGA-typical area ensured that the visitors didn’t go hungry. At the CDS booth, a little kitchen served up not only hot sausages, but also a number of specialities that showcased the Hackners’ varied portfolio and are not often seen on menus in Germany: sour tripe, cow’s testicle on tarragon espuma and cow’s trotter in a mini pie! A lot of visitors who were initially hesitant about sampling these exotic culinary offers rated them from interesting to really tasty.

Summing up, ANUGA was an extremely positive experience for the Hackner managers and their team and they are highly satisfied with the excellent feedback heard in the many interesting and motivating conversations that took place at the event.

August 2017

Preview of ANUGA 2017

CDS Hackner is presenting its all-new ‘bend-back trick’

A market leader in quality and innovation: Setting standards in natural casings is part of CDS Hackner’s tradition. The company from Crailsheim in Germany will also be living up to its reputation at this year’s ANUGA trade fair – and has something revolutionary up its sleeve once again.

If you’re familiar with the natural casings by the Hackners, you will know all about the company’s inventive spirit. They are permanently coming up with innovations that are taking sausage production with natural casing into the future. And at this year’s ANUGA they’ll be doing it again: with their new and patented ‘bend-back trick’. The two managing directors Hanspeter and Michael Hackner don’t want to reveal too much yet, but what they can say is that customers can look forward to an innovation that improves the profitability, safety and handling of sausage production with natural casings. “We’re already looking forward to our customers’ reactions,” says Michael Hackner. “If we manage to surprise them with our patented ‘bend-back trick’ then that’s the best possible reward for our work.” So, the Hackners are staying true to their innovation tradition and continuing to maintain their company’s leading position in the field of natural casings.

Impressive achievements also in frozen food services and special meat cuts & offal

As a full-service system partner of the food industry, there is also a lot happening in CDS Hackner’s newest division. Frozen food services, which was established in 2003, is in such high demand that the company has also invested in optimisation here: a new multilevel box freezer for around three million euros recently went into operation. The freezer combines the ‘continuous flow’ principle with the option of selectively being able to access individual batches. In comparison to conventional shock freezing, it reduces the freezing time from a previous 36 to 48 hours depending on the product to a fast 12 to max. 24 hours. This huge reduction is resulting in a significantly higher freezing capacity, but also improved product freshness without any losses in weight. So, if you’re looking for a specialist in shock freezing, storage, defrosting and packaging, a visit to CDS Hackner’s ANUGA booth will definitely be worth your while.

It goes without saying that CDS Hackner will also be showcasing its expertise in the business division in which it is a global player and one of the leading companies in the industry: special meat cuts & offal. Here too, professional visitors can look forward to interesting innovations presented by the Hackners.

Come and see for yourself from 7 to 11 October 2017 at ANUGA in hall 6.1, booth E108/E100.

November 2015

Making it big with natural casings.

Already in the fourth generation, CDS Hackner produces natural casings from hog, sheep and beef and is one of the leading manufacturers in Europe.


Before the establishment of the business divisions of special meat cuts & offal and frozen food services, which were developed later on, the production of natural casings was the springboard to the company’s current standing on the market. This began with CDS Hackner’s claim of offering the best in terms of quality, cost-efficiency, innovation andservice, which is meanwhile also decisive for the other business divisions.


Certified quality


The natural casings come from EU-certified slaughterhouses in Europe or from partner companies in the Middle East, South America and Asia. CDS Hackner provides consistent quality assurance and is certified in accordance with the Higher Level of the IFS Food Version 6. In addition, the quality is ensured by the self-imposed CDS standards, as well as constant checks and inspections. This also guarantees that natural casings by CDS Hackner meet the requirements of butchers and the sausage industry: the highest efficiency and profitability. The quality of the sausages themselves also increases because they can breathe and unfold their flavour better in natural casings. And the consumers appreciate the typical “crunch” when they bite into a natural casing.


Pioneers with patents


In addition to the quality, innovations are another of CDS Hackner’s hallmarks. In 1999, the company launched the SilberPfeil® tube and pipe filling tool onto the market:a revolution in sausage

production. The SilberPfeil® product family ensures unsurpassed profitability and efficiency in sausage manufacturing. This also includes SilberPfeil®NonStop, the world’s first hog casing tube with 18 metres of calibre-consistent natural casing welded together. Another development patented by the company is the CDS Safety-Ring, which guarantees the highest safety in sausage production. Developed specially for the natural casings, fresh packs were designed that offer optimum handling and shelf life.

After all, as well as all the other benefits offered by CDS Hackner, the service has to be right, too.

November 2015

A fresh look at special meat cuts & offal.

Here in Germany they are referred to disparagingly as “meat by-products”. But CDS Hackner has ventured further afield and discovered people who take a very different view.


Approximately 25 to 30% of an animal’s slaughtered weight is normally wasted and food goes unused because these parts of an animal are not popular in Germany. Instead, these so-called “animal by-products” are incorporated into pet food, gelatine or organic fertiliser. But if we take a look at different cultures, we soon see that these parts of animals are treated very differently elsewhere. This is something that CDS Hackner did many years ago. Primarily Africa was discovered as a very interested sales market. There, special meat cuts & offal are an inexpensive, nutritious part of the basic diet and regarded as an extremely popular delicacy. Particularly popular parts of the animal are the tongue, liver, kidneys, lungs, stomach, feets etc., all pre-packaged and prepared by CDS in accordance with local customs. The relationship with African and also Asian customers is meanwhile so close that the refined special meat cuts & offal from CDS Hackner are tailored to individual market and consumption needs.

A clearwin-win situation

The pioneering achievement of CDS Hackner has only benefits all along the line: animals can be respectfully and sustainably processed, previously spurned parts of animals make a valid and important contribution to the world’s food supply and slaughterhouses have a new, reliable business partner, who has developed a new added value with its extensive expert knowledge.

Thanks to the innovative mentality and unique know-how of the Hackners and their employees, refined special meat cuts & offal are now put to effective use to make food products.

October 2015

Forging a path to the future with modern tradition.

“The strengths of our family-run company are a result of our family and our innovative entrepreneurial spirit.”

Along with plenty of proof, CDS Hackner will be bringing this statement from its two managing directors Hanspeter Hackner and his son Michael to the upcoming edition of ANUGA.

The Hackner family’s coat of arms dates back to the year 1657 – with a meat cleaver as its emblem. The family established their first company in the year 1928 and the foundations for today’s success were laid approximately 40 years ago. The Hackners manage a traditional family company and this close-knit network behind the business is like a seed that constantly bears new fruit. For example in the way they have begun to focus on new markets for special meat cuts & offal. After all, these animal parts make up 30% of an animal’s slaughtered weight. CDS Hackner was one ofthe first companies to process these parts of animals that aren’t popular in Germany and to export them, based on demand, to other parts of Europe, Africa and Asia. In these countries, they are prepared in accordance with local traditions and regarded as an extremely popular delicacy. Thanks to the innovative, sustainable approach of the Hackner family, these special meat cuts & offal are not wasted, but utilised in full as food. And, with the Hackners, slaughterhouses in this country have a reliable and competent business partner for the parts of an animal that were previously wasted.

New slogan, new advertising.


The company’s modern approach is being summed up at ANUGA under the new slogan “Mission Meat”. This reflects the fact that the Hackners are quality and market leaders in natural casings and amongst the top three companies in Europe for special meat cuts & offal, as well as being global players.Their high-tech storage facilities for frozen products and their full-service offer make them a sought-after system partner of the food industry. At ANUGA, this market leadership in quality and innovation is being expressed with new informative and entertaining advertising and a new corporate identity. And of course, the family and the CDS-Team are playing the leading role in this too.

September 2015

Being Different. And Above All, Better.

The Hackner family has been actively involved in the natural casings business for over 100 years. The modern era began with the foundation of Crailsheimer Darmsortierbetrieb Hackner GmbH (CDS) in 1972. However, a sudden crisis almost forced the business to close. 

Today Hanspeter Hackner and his son Michael lead a family enterprise with the three business areas Natural Casings, Animal By-Products and Frozen Food Services. The company employs 250 people at its Crailsheim plant, which has an operational area of 40,000 square metres. More than 700 employees worldwide generate a turnover of over €100 million.


From success to crisis and back again. 

In the year 2000, the company was the market leader for beef casings in Europe. At the end of 2000, however, the brain disease BSE was detected among cows in Germany and other European countries. Suddenly, every part of the cow was considered a health risk to humans. In the following public hysteria, the very basis of the Hackners’ business collapsed. However, the Hackners undertook a bold change of direction that steered them out of the crisis stronger than before and has kept them on a successful course ever since. An important impetus here came from the remaining natural casings business, which from then on concentrated on hog and sheep products. It was at precisely this time that the innovative Silberpfeil tool made a breakthrough. By making the filling of sausages much easier and more efficient, this product brought about an enduring change in the market for natural casings in Europe. The Hackners then went on to set new and enduring standards for quality, innovation and economy with their innovative SilberPfeil®-Tube and SilberPfeil®-Pipe extensions. Another sensational advance followed with the development of CDS SilberPfeil®NonStop, the world’s first welded hog casing. This revolutionary process makes it possible to produce calibre-consistent hog casings with a standardized length of 18 meters. 

Never before had the use of hog casings been so efficient.


Ideas that make a difference. 

The second step out of the crisis involved the committed development of the previously smaller business area of animal by-products. Within the industry most of the food products for which there was no demand on the German market had previously been processed into animal feed or meat-and-bone meal. The Hackners took the bold step of marketing these meat cuts and offal as food. Just because these products no longer appear on menus in Germany or Europe does not automatically mean these foods are not appreciated as delicacies in other countries. Thanks to the Hackners’ ideas on sustainability, roughly 30% of the slaughtered animal can be meaningfully used as food for countries outside Europe. Today, above all in Africa, refined animal by-products form an inexpensive, popular and valuable element of basic nutrition. These once unpopular animal parts are now contributing to value creation in slaughterhouses and the almost complete utilization of slaughtered animals – and they have also helped the Hackners recover from the crisis. They want to be different with new ideas, say the Hackners. And, above all, better.


The cold third pillar. 

The new third business area is frozen food services, which ideally complements the Hackners’ business model. If you already have large freezer capacities available, why not lease them to others when your storage needs are low?

The Hackners have taken this basic idea and developed it into a unique service model for the food industry. Freezing, storing, packing, labelling and thawing to a specific temperature are just some of the services CDS Hackner offers. The customer’s individual requirements are reliably realized under computer control – from frosting to collection or dispatch. 

Mission Meat in Crailsheim. 

The Hackners recently decided to adopt a new slogan: Mission Meat. They consider it their mission to become market leader not only for quality and innovation, but also for trust-based cooperation with partners and customers. And Crailsheim is the mission control center. In recent years the Hackners have invested almost €60 million in this location. Although they are global players with production facilities in Poland, Lebanon, Turkey, China and Egypt serving over 1,600 customers in more than 60 countries, naturally the heart of the company continues to beat in Crailsheim.

July 2015

Family Tradition as Competitive Advantage

The butcher’s trade is in the genes of the Hackner family. The family coat of arms already showed a meat cleaver in 1657. Their first business was established in 1928 at the old slaughterhouse in Frankfurt am Main. Their true launch onto the wider market, however, came with the foundation of the Crailsheimer Darmsortierbetrieb GmbH (CDS) over 40 years ago.


The Hackners have always been pioneers, setting new quality standards in everything associated with natural casings. They are global players in the field of animal by-products, where they are among the Top 3 in Europe. And their high-tech storage facilities for frozen products make them a sought-after system partner satisfying all their customers’ wishes. As managing directors of the CDS Hackner GmbH, father Hanspeter Hackner and son Michael know the basis for their success: the family. “We have grown large through family cohesion, are independent, can make swift decisions and are free to be bold and innovative,” says Hackner senior.


Friction generates energy. Another Hackner specialty.


When a father and son manage a business together, this can sometimes lead to friction. The Hackners, however, have turned this force to their advantage. The far-sighted entrepreneurial gut feeling and occasionally frenetic determination of the father are counterbalanced by the organized strategic thinking of the business administrator son. The result of this combination is the unique Hackner business model: it certainly involves a willingness to take risks, but embedded in a long-term strategy based on principles of sustainability. Differences of opinion are even something of tradition among the Hackners – at least, when it comes to the use of modern means of communication. Grandfather Hackner wanted to install a telephone, but the great-grandfather did not. Father Hanspeter wanted a telex machine, the grandfather did not. At the end of the 1990s, son Michael thought the company needed its own website, his father did not. Eventually, however, the Hackners have always managed to resolve opposing opinions to the firm’s advantage. That undoubtedly remains one of its strengths today.


At home in the firm.


Nevertheless, CDS Hackner GmbH is not just the two men at the top. A total of 250 employees work at the Crailsheim site. The owners place great emphasis on a supportive and appreciative atmosphere in order to promote a positive work climate and team spirit and rapidly offer opportunities to take responsibility. Flat hierarchies, short decision-making processes and a cooperative leadership style have a strong impact on the quality of work and the motivation and commitment of the workforce. This can easily make the firm a second home: almost half the 143 members of the core workforce have been with CDS for over 10 years and two have spent most of their lives there – over 40 years.


Succession plans are already running.


It has long been clear that Michael Hackner will become the head of the business in the near future. As is the fact that he will go his own way: “My father once learned to stand on his own feet with his own ideas, and I have also done that during my 18 years as co-managing director. I was given the freedom to make mistakes – but not the same ones twice. The trust that my father placed in me did not only give me necessary support, but also strengthened my sense of responsibility.” Hackner will therefore remain Hackner in the future: creativity and innovation, but within the framework of the family philosophy. This strategy has always guaranteed secure employment. Michael Hackner knows: “Being able to realize this approach together with over 700 employees worldwide is the unique competitive advantage of CDS Hackner.” One thing is certain, however: when the father goes, he will still be there. Michael would like to keep him on as a consultant on call – and he will definitely receive one.

September 2013

What is new at Anuga 2013 - Released by FleischWirtschaft 04/2013.

Anuga Preview.

November 2011

Useful innovations.

The industry knows CDS as partner for natural casings, animal by-products, and frozen-food services. caliber casing per tube.

Three parallel welded seams of just 3mm each guarantee the highest level of safety. This product can increase filling capacity by up to 20 percent in comparison to any other long-stranded, tubed hog casings.

With numerous new developments and improvements, CDS is also a leading company in the growth market of animal by-products.

IWP (Individually Wrapped Product) opens up new opportunities to customers: each product is individually sealed and can be removed from the pack even if frozen. In a hygienically optimized Fresh Pack, individually identified and weighed, IWP is far cheaper than conventional vacuum packs.
This provides excellent opportunities for companies operating within low-price markets.

Using Cube117 there is no saw or axe needed to prepare bones to make soups and sauces: large-volume bone products are compacted to half their size, frozen, and cut into equal cubes of 5 x 5 cm. Thanks to the lower volume, individual cubes can be easily removed even when frozen, which makes it easy to get exactly the amount which is needed. Cube117 also has optimal binding qualities (gelatinizing effect) for sauces, because the compressing process breaks down carbohydrates.

A highly interesting product for export markets, as well as domestic gastronomy companies and food retailers.

Source: Die Fleischerei SPECIAL 2011

September 2011

Natural casings and animal by-products.

CDS (Crailsheim, Germany) is a partner for natural casings, animal by-products, and frozen food services for the industry.

The family-managed business ist consistently customer-oriented and focused on the continuous development of new and improved products and services. The natural casing CDS SilberPfeil® NonStop offers 18 meters of continuous and consistently high-caliber casing per tube. Three parallel welded seams of just 3 mm each guarantee a high level of safety. This product can increase the output by up to 20 % in comparison to any other longstranded, tubed hog casings.

CDS is also a leading company in the market of animal by-products. IWP (Individually Wrapped Product) opens up new opportunities to customers: each product is individually sealed and can be removed from the pack even if frozen. In a hygienically optimised Fresh Pack, individually identified and weighed, IWP is far cheaper than conventional vacuum packs.

CDS has already created separate packs and packaging for wholesalers.Producers using bones find with Cube117 bone products which are compacted to half their size, frozen, and cut into equal cubes of 5 x 5 cm. Cube117 also offers optimised binding effects (gelatinizing)for sauces, because the compressing process breaks down carbohydrates.

Source: Fleischwirtschaft International 5 /2011

November 2008

Innovation from tradition -
CDS positions itself for the future.

Along with the joy of innovation, there is one fact in particular that has contributed to the success of CDS Hackner GmbH:

The company has been connected to one family for generations, the Hackner family.  For the past eleven years two generations have been working together, father and son pursuing the same vision. That only exists in family businesses and is only possible because a successful, tried and true team stands behind it.

With Michael Hackner as the future successor to his father, Hanspeter Hackner, the company’s direction is clear. CDS wants to grow and the two men of action have great plans for the future together.

The first step has been taken and CDS Crailsheimer Darmsortierbetrieb GmbH has changed its name to “CDS Hackner GmbH.” With that and numerous other measures the company and its employees have prepared themselves for further growth and a successful future.

November 2008

源自传统的创新 – CDS在未来的定位

除了勇于创新,CDS Hackner GmbH 公司的成功还源自于这样一个事实,几十年来公司和一个家族 – Hackner 家族紧密相连。在过去的十一年中,父子两代人携手奋进,追求着相同的前景...

公司几十年来与一个家族 – Hackner 家族紧密相连。在过去的十一年中,父子两代人携手奋进,追求着相同的前景。这种情况只能发生在一个家族企业中,而其背后是一个富有成效的,多年来精诚合作的团队。随着Michael Hackner 作为其父亲Hanspeter Hackner将来的继承者的确定,公司的前进方向也业已明确。

CDS要发展壮大,两位实干家为将来共同制定了宏伟的计划。第一步已经迈出:公司名称已由CDS Crailsheimer Darmsortierbetrieb GmbH 被改为“CDS Hackner GmbH”。在此基础上又采取了大量新的举措,使公司及其所有员工为进一步的发展,为将来取得成功做好了准备。