General Information

Sheep casings – General Information

Our sheep casings are produced in our own and in our partners´ production plants in China, Turkey, Lebanon and various other countries. Steady controls, inspections, as well as internal and external audits guarantee the consistent and constantly high quality of CDS sheep casings.

Our sheep casings are available in calibre 14/16 till 30/+.

The worldwide established measurement unit of sheep casings is the so-called „Hank“:
1 Hank = 100 Yards = 91.4 meter

It's not possible to select always exactly 91.4 meter, because the calibre or the length per piece would suffer then. To avoid this, the general rule is that the measurement can vary between 88 to 92 meter but has to be 91.4 meter in average within 10 Hanks.

Sheep casings are common used for the following sausage types:
Fried sausage, Fine grill sausage, Debrecziner sausage, as well as all kind of Boiled sausages like Wiener, Frankfurter, Hotdog sausages