Ice cold - unbeatable.

When comes to frozen goods one thing is extremely important: the freezing speed.

With the innovative turbo-freezing system from CDS, we can offer you exactly that in both case – plate freezing or conventionally freezing. Because it is not only the freshness that counts: our turbo-freezing system also ensures that the weight is retained during the freezing process. By low-temperature freezing and fast circulating rates CDS guarantees short freezing rates that enables both: absolute freshness without weight loss.

There should not be a breakdown with volume either; no matter how much you would like to freeze, we can freeze 10 or 20 kg per block and up to 500 tons per day. By the way, plate frozen goods have 3% less weight loss compared to conventional frozen goods. We would be glad to help you with the time-sensitive temperature maintenance of your goods. Just ask us!